This is day 1 of my 30 day juice fast. The aim of the juice fast is to lose as much body fat as possible whilst gaining muscle size.

A little about myself:

I am 33 years old, married father of 1. I used to be a London Police Officer, where fitness was a big part of my life working in specialist units (in fact met my wife in the gym- she was a personal trainer there). I have always been heavily involved in contact sport, namely; Rugby, Muay Thai, Boxing and various other martial arts. I have competed in these at a national and world level (Muay Thai), I also used to run Marathons. All these sports stopped (with exception of rugby) when I destroyed my knees (ruptured ACL and horizontal meniscus tear). First knee surgery in 2003 and then again on the other knee in 2007. I was going to the gym everyday with my wife and training hard. In fact Maria changed all my eating and made me more aware of the food that I put into my body. As such I was able to get into great shape. My wife was an amazing personal trainer (with celebrity clients and appearances in glossy magazines), this continued for a number of years (with ups and downs in relation to the health of the diet).


Above: Me on holiday in 2010.

In 2010 myself and Maria moved to Kenya. I quit the Police and we started a new life. At first I didn’t have much work and was able to up the training with Maria to 2 hours everyday and we got in the shape of our lives. Slowly as the next 2 years progressed my work picked up with a lot of travel and time away. In February 2012 we decided to try for a baby, at the time Maria had to put on 20lbs of body fat to make that possible. By April 2012 Maria found out that she was pregnant. We were both elated, and positive we would remain healthy and training. The problem I faced was my work was getting very busy and i was spending a lot of time in the office, meaning I wasn’t getting to the gym on a regular occasion, the next problem was at 6 months pregnant Maria developed Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD), which is where her pelvis ligaments had relaxed too much (normally what happens during labour). This resulted in Maria being in a wheel chair  from 6 months on wards. As such I was needed more at home, so between the office and home my free time was taken. Even after my beautiful daughter was born my work increased further and the time pressure of being a new dad, and work meant I just stopped going to the gym or doing any exercise. There were occasions where I got back to the gym, but could never get into the habit again and get a solid gym groove on. One thing I have noticed is that I mainly have put fat round my lower belly and love handles area, I have retained quite a bit of muscle and feel positive that i will be able to add to this whilst decreasing the fat.


Above: Me on Holiday 2013

The plan:

Before rushing straight into a fast I will spend days pre-cleansing; eating healthy small meals, and including juices. The idea is to reduce my dependency on processed items as well as reduce my appetite, meaning the juice fast will be easier. After the pre-cleanse I am going to start 30 days of 5 juices a day with heavy weight sessions in the gym. I want to drop the fat whilst stacking on the muscle. I will take body measurements at the beginning and end of the experiment. I will take photos at strategic times (end of each week) and will take daily weight checks. I will post on this blog the juices I consume and the gym session completed. I will also put down my observations and notes on this blog as I go. The purpose of this blog is to keep me focused and on goal. From time to time I will add additional nutritional and health articles to make it more interesting.

Now lets see if it is possible to juice fast and get stacked at the same time. Time to become the Juice Beast.


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